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товар: 11 Realistic Long Dildo

11 Realistic Long Dildo


Explore every inch of legendary king-sized realistic dildo from LoveToy. Satisfy yourself with every vein, curve and bulge of this exact giant replica that looks and feels like your fantasies come to life. This high-quality, realistic king-sized dildo from LoveToy Legendary Realistic dildo Series has a sensationally veined shaft to enhance internal pleasure. Flexing during use, the bendy shaft works with your body to bring you complete satisfaction. This king-sized huge dildo is so amazing which is totally skin-like - especially if warmed in warm water before hand. youre guaranteed a sensationally filling experience. This toy has a strong suction cup base you can attach to any smooth hard surface for the hands-free ride of your sex dreams. Use Plenty of lube with this toy for the best and most slippery experience. Key Features Innovative One-piece design for more durable fun. Extra Sensational length and girth for filling stimulation. Real-feel phthalate free PVC material for a realistic experience. Strong Suction cup base for hands-free play. Size:11’’ length X 2.35’’ width. Weight:805 grams.Weight may vary slight since of handmade work. Use Plenty of water-based lube for the best and most slippery experience.

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1515 грн  
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